We are

a full service film production studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia.
We handle projects of all types, from small to big production.

In case you are just looking for help with your projects, we are also here for you. We will support you with our skills, ideas and with our professional camera equipment.

The Creative

Together we craft a vision and bring it to the motion reality. We collaborate with a talented young directors. First we outline a treatment, which covers your expectations and our ideas. Then we present you with the visual references as well as the script and the pre-production plan and cost estimate. Have you just found out that your deadline is in two weeks? No biggie for us.


We also collaborate with a talented crew of young filmmakers. For your project, we will scout the best location and cast people who will represent your brand. The supporting ingredient is our equipment, which we are very keen on. Hollywood Motion Pictures are shot by the same gear.


While working with the material we watch out for details. For the best results we use tools ranging from visual effects, voiceover recording, original music composition or licensing to colour grading.

How it works ?

Email us first. Tell us what you are currently working on, do not spare the details. Mentioning the timeline, the budget and your references is useful. We will get in touch with you quicker than you think. We might have some minor questions but more importantly we would like to meet you. If we are not filming outside, you can find us in our office, or even better, let’s have a coffee together. Then we can answer all your questions and discuss the production plan.